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"Urban Life and Spatial Cultures in Post-Growth Japan"

December 2022

Seeing beauty amid a dissolving world

November 2022

Soaking in a particular place in space and time

August 2022

Re-starting this blog after a year of building

January 2022

A local gem disappears while its pieces survive to see another day

November 2021

Sento provide a window into aspects of the city that can be easily overlooked

October 2021

Why does the scenery of depopulation affect me differently in Hokkaido than the rest of Japan?

August 2021

As the Olympics looked to the past, I couldn’t take my eyes off the catastrophic future

July 2021

Public baths made Tokyo what it is, and are needed to save its soul

June 2021

A mentality of finding value in abandoned things goes beyond aesthetics or nostalgia